Henrik Placht

News for 2014

by Henrik Placht‚

In 2014 there will be a numerous events for me both in arts and also in related to my academic practice. We are in the final stage before production of new emballage for the coffee and tea brand LIPPE where my art is implemented on all the products. Anders Hofgaard at NODE BERLIN OSLO has been in charge for the design. The launch for this will happen in spring 2014.

In March i will travel to Israel and give a lecture at Bezalel on the topic International Academy of Art Palestine. The lecture will go in depth of why i initiated to establish the academy and the process from idea, fundraising, lobby in Ramallah and Oslo to implementation of the establishment of the institution.The lecture will also give a insight in how the occupied west bank suffers from the occupation and what obstacles we faced during the 7 years i worked there. A press release will be published in relation to this trip where i will explain my standings regarding the cultural and academic boicot. My travels in relation to this and other work during one week in Israel is kindly supported by The Ministry of Foreign Affaires Norway.

Truls Lie is now officially the Editor for the book about the establishment of International Academy of Art Palestine. We have received our first support from Arts Council Norway for developments of texts. Publication will be launched 2014/2015.

The new studio is working perfectly and three solo exhibitions: Oslo, Stavanger and Asker and one public commission is under negotiations. More info soon.

— Henrik Placht