Henrik Placht

Upcoming solo shows April in Oslo and Berlin

by Henrik Placht‚

My solo exhibition in Berlin titled: Das Hauptproblem will have its opening reception friday the 12th of April 19.00 at Gallery Maerzcontemporary Weimarer Str. 16 more on site http://www.maerzcontemporary.com

Solo exhibition in Oslo at Gallery Haaken Tjuvholmen titled: God morgen problemer will have its opening reception on thursday 18th of April at 19.00 more on site: http://www.gallerihaaken.com

Both of the exhibitions are made in my new studio and i have changed a lot of my basic approuch towards the medium and also my techniques and tools. I havs started using Lascaux akrylic painting and its a beautiful medium to work with. Hope to see some of you in the exhibitions.

Happy easter from the studio

— Henrik Placht